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Domicilliary Dental Care for Durham and Darlington 

Framwellgate Domicillary Dental Care is a friendly and professional service run from the surgery. It operates throughout Durham & Darlington providing high quality dental treatment to those who live in care or who are unable to leave their own home. We provide regular dental check ups and also respond to emergency needs. Our aim is to allow those who find it hard to get out and about access to best quality dental care. We are dedicated to preserving the dignity and quality of life of all those in our care. 

Domicilary Co-ordinator Suzanne Smith

Please phone our team and ask to speak to Suzanne if she is unavaible she will return the call within 24 hours during working hours. 

We provide emergency appointments for those with facial swelling and /or extreme pain. We aim to give advice within 24 hours and visit an urgent case as soon as possible within 1 week of referral, this is for patients who can not attend their own dental practices due to mobility, we offer this service in care homes and within the patients private homes.

Care Homes 

We aim to visit each Care Home once a year to provide a dental examination and oral cancer screening  for all the permanent residents. If needed be we can provide simple dental treatment and/or dentures as required. Dentures will require a few weeks to make and 2 or 3 additional visits to fit.

How can a visit be arranged?

Annual visits can be arranged by calling our team on 0191 3869436 and ask to speak to Suzanne. If you leave a message we will call you back within 24 hours and ask some details about the Care Home you represent. Your home will be placed on a rolling list. Visits will be arranged in advance and we will call you near the time of the visit to make final arrangements. At this point it is useful for us if you can provide an up to date list of the residents who live in your Care Home. 

This can be faxed to us on 0191 370 9324 or emailed to us on our secure NHS email.

For an emergency appointment please call the same number. If you are calling out of hours or on a weekend please call 111 for more urgent advice.

What should I expect when Framwellgate mobile team visits?

When the dentist arrives at a Care Home they will report to the home manager or person in charge. They will need a room, preferably with a sink, where they can carry out their assessments. It is also very useful to have a member of your staff available to help the residents to and from the room. The dentist will normally be accompanied by a qualified dental nurse who will assist with dental procedures. We will also ask for a copy of the medical and drug history forms that the home holds for the residents that we assess. A routine assessment will take approximately 10 minutes. We will aim to assess all of the residents in the home providing they are keen to be seen and their health allows. If it is possible to work through the lunch period we can finish more quickly. We will normally call you to arrange follow up appointments for individuals. Our staff will always be willing to answer any questions you might have. We will email the home all the residents dental notes and any information required for that resident.

Our service is NHS funded and so will be free for most of your residents, but depending on personal circumstances, some residents may have to pay part or all of the standard NHS charges.

These charges are as follows:

BAND 1 dental examination  - £21.60

BAND 2 fillings and or extractions  £59.10

BAND 3 denture  £244.30


Our team consists of 5 Dentists and 3 Dental Nurses.


Panos Plevrakis

Mark Warner

Chris Platais 

Lauren Mullan

Registered Dental Nurses:

Marie-Louise Ray

Abbie Hillman

Sarah Taylor

In case of emergency outside opening hours on evenings, weekends and bank holidays please call 111